After the unexpected pregnancy announcement, Heather Ray and Tarek Al Musa celebrate new baby news with family and confetti


Corrupt Sunset star Heather Ray Young and former Flip or Flop co-host Tarek El Moussa endured a whirlwind courtship that eventually led to their lavish wedding in October 2021 (which was captured by cameras for a TV special). Soon after, the couple began to talk about the difficulties they faced trying to conceive a child using in vitro fertilization (IVF), and their journey ended with a pregnancy in mid-July, which revealed what Mrs. El Moussa now called “shock.” However, just days after the news of El Moussas’ baby surprise arrived, Heather Ray and Tarek are now celebrating new baby news with their families and confetti.

What children’s news did Heather Ray and Tarek El Moussa celebrate?

At the end of April, Heather Ray El Moussa admitted that she did not believe that she was physically ready to bear a child, because she felt “stressed” because she was still working, mixing her life with Tarek and adapting to the “work” of co-parenting. with his ex-wife Christina Hall. But once things calmed down, El Moussa was able to get pregnant, and now they’ve thrown a party to celebrate the extra news about their baby.

Awww! Look how excited Heather Ray and Tarek are! Actually, look how excited everyone is about the news that the newlyweds will have a boy. His two children with Hall, Taylor (11 years old) and Brayden (6 years old, who recently experienced health concerns), are also thrilled, and they couldn’t even get their confetti guns to work! All I know is that they seem to have thrown this party at some point over the weekend, and seeing them outside and looking so happy and dry that it couldn’t have been more than 100 degrees like it was where I live. So, you know, they are good for several reasons.

In less than a year, Heather Ray and Tarek El Moussa have experienced many ups and downs when it came to their pregnancy. In early January, Heather Ray shared that she had started having fertility injections to be ready for egg extraction by the end of this month, but just a few days later she revealed that El Moussa was receiving “not perfect news about her fertility. Fortunately, this led to the fact that the embryos grew enough to be ready for genetic testing, which gave the couple enough confidence to abandon IVF procedures so that they could try to give birth to a child “naturally”, and this really happened. .

As you can see from the short clip they posted, El Moussas had the perfect setting for a party that seems to be taking place in the backyard.

It makes sense that after Heather Ray and Tarek El Moussa have discussed so many times how and when they will be able to start their own family, they will strive to celebrate every moment, and it’s great that they have such milestones to share with family, friends and fans.


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