After the trial: Johnny Depp feels better thanks to a new girlfriend


Johnny Depp (59) is back on top. A few days ago it became known that the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is in love again. It is said that during the trial of his ex-wife Amber Heard (36 years old), sparks arose between the actor and lawyer Joelle Rich. The relationship between them seems to have a positive effect on the father of two children. According to an insider, Johnny was happy again after the end of the process.

The informant told People that the 59-year-old man is currently in a much better mood. “In fact, he’s gotten a lot better lately. He takes better care of himself,” the source said. Since Johnny meets the mother of two children, he makes a happier impression than before. The insider also claimed that Johnny changed after the trial. “He worked on his problems and accepted help.”

But even if the lawyer, apparently, is suitable for a Hollywood star, there should be nothing serious between them. In an interview with TMZ, various whistleblowers claimed that Johnny and Joel were not exceptional. They also believe that the love affair between them will not last long.


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