After the Taylor Swift rumors, Channing Tatum will join Ryan Reynolds in “Deadpool 3”?


Do you remember how keen-eyed fans noticed the similarities between Taylor Swift’s short film “Everything Is Too Good” and Deadpool’s announcement about Hugh Jackman? Ever since fans found out that Ryan Reynolds would be returning with his grandiose fourth wall demolition style, fans have been full of beans at even the slightest hint. So if you’re a devoted fan too, fasten your seat belts because we have the most tantalizing rumor of the decade. Wolverine’s Gambit may also please you with a special appearance in Deadpool 3.

Channing Tatum’s MCU debut could have taken place back in 2016, but Ryan Reynolds may just change the actor’s fate. The “Free Guy” actor is working day and night on the success of his superhero blockbuster “Deadpool”. The release of the third part, scheduled for 2024, pushes the character of “Gambit” to a cameo in the film.

Tatum was supposed to get a solo film of his character back in 2016, but after Disney acquired the character and decided to postpone the project, his dream never came true. However, according to reports, the Canadian actor is in full mood to return the actor from “Jump Street, 21” to the world of superheroes.

Ryan Reynolds wants Channing Tatum’s cameo in “Deadpool 3”?

It is noteworthy that according to rumors spread by Scooper DanielRPK (via CBR), Ryan Reynolds is lobbying for Tatum’s appearance in Deadpool 3. Anyway, so far it’s just a flying tabloid, and we don’t know what kind of character he can play. However, it’s not like the Gambit is a lock. An actor can enter the MCU as a brand new character, shattering his Gambit dreams.

However, it would be helpful to pass on his favorite mutant character Cajon, as there are many other fantastic heroes and villains that he can bring to life. Tatum has previously expressed his disappointment that he missed out on his superhero role, and how the cancellation of the film caused him a huge trauma. He even vowed not to watch any Marvel movies because he loved the character too much.

These rumors appeared after rumors about the participation of pop music sensation Taylor Swift in the upcoming Marvel movie due to the similarity of the place where the promotional video of the singer All Too Well and Ryan Reynolds were filmed. Although it remains just a rumor, the Deadpool actor would like his longtime friend to join him in the project.

With further rumors about the casting of Owen Wilson and other Fantastic Four characters, the third part seems like a multi-hero adventure. I hope we will get all the official tea as soon as information about the upcoming triquel appears.

“Deadpool 3” will debut in theaters only on November 8, 2024. What do you think about Channing Tatum’s possible cameo in the film?


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