After the start of “The Masked Singer”: Bet on these stars


The whole of Germany will surely ask again: which stars are hiding under masks? The seventh season of the popular vocal show The Masked Singer started on Saturday. The celebrity was revealed already in the first show: presenter Katya Burkard (57) was under broccoli. There are eight costumed VIPs left. But who could they be? Fans of the “Masked Singer” bet on these celebrities after the first show!

Official vote for the show at the JoynMe show: The audience already has ideas! It is said that former DSDS jury member Ilse Delange (45 years old) is under the influence of the tooth fairy. It is said that the whistle is Michi Beck (54 years old) from Fantastischen Vier. The puzzles also suspect a professional singer under the terrible werewolf: here they vary between a former member of the team of advisers Ree Garvey (49) or Haber Herself (46). Under the pretty Goldie, they want to hear the presenter Elton (51) or the actor Armin Rode (67).

Since the star seems very big under the nameless suit, the audience bet on the artist Joko Winterscheidt (43 years old) or comedian Bastian Pastewka (50 years old). Christian Ehrlich of the Ehrlich brothers is called the Black Mamba. Many also suspect Ri Garvey — or Eloy de Jong (49), who took part in the “Masked Dancer” at the beginning of the year, under the mole. They say that the walrus is Evelyn Burdeki (34 years old). However, the head of the entertainment department of ProSieben has already stressed at a press conference that the reality show starlet is definitely not in a suit.


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