After The Secret Wedding With Taika Waititi, Rita Ora Showed Us Her Wedding Ring For The First Time


For a while we were wondering if Rita Ora and Taika Waititi got married secretly, and now the singer has confirmed their marriage. They dated for over a year, and rumors of a wedding began circulating in the summer of 2022, which finally became official after the pop star showed off her gorgeous emerald engagement ring for the first time.

When Rita Ora talked about her husband and new music on The Tonight Show, she also showed off her ring for the first time, and let me tell you, it’s amazing. The focus of the ring is a massive emerald gemstone in the center, then it is encircled with diamonds, and it seems that the bands around the ring are also encrusted with diamonds. As Ora explained, Waititi did a great job.

Although the director of “Thor: Ragnarok” really did a great job, he did not choose the ring himself. Ora explained that she may have helped her husband choose the right direction when it came to choosing jewelry, saying:

I just think when you know what you want and I felt like I really knew I wanted to be with that person, I just wanted it to be really right. So maybe I took him to the store and pointed out exactly which ring I needed.

Ora was beaming and delighted to share the news, and spoke in detail about how this exciting new chapter of her life has affected her career. She also explained that her relationship with Waititi helped inspire her to write music.

That’s what I wrote all my feelings about. It’s nice to catch the moment. So I feel like it’s more than just music, it’s like a moment in my life for me.

Along with her ring, Ora’s video clip for her single “You Only Love Me” depicts a crazy wedding. All this love-inspired chatter and music reminds me in many ways of the imminent release of Jennifer Lopez’s music and how her album This Is Me… then kind of predicted her future with Ben Affleck. Although Ora and Waititi’s relationship does not have a history like Bennifer’s, however, they once made headlines because of piquant rumors about the relationship.

When it comes to news related to Ora and Waititi, there have been rumors for a while that the “Let You Love Me” singer and “Jojo Rabbit” director could be in a band with Tessa Thompson. In addition, Ora and Waititi nurtured all the love, and this new look at her gorgeous ring once again confirms that these two are a real power couple, just like Bennifer, in my opinion.

Along with the exciting news about their wedding, both the singer and the director are already preparing for an exciting start in 2023. Ora wore a transparent dress to celebrate the release of her single, which is gaining popularity. In addition, she also has a show in the TV program for 2023, since the second season of the animated series “Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Knight” was released last month, and you can watch it with a Netflix subscription. Meanwhile, Waititi is busier than ever, with a new film titled “The Next Goal Wins” on the 2023 film schedule and a host of other projects in development.

While I’m so excited about the couple’s upcoming projects, right now I’m thrilled with this gorgeous close-up of Ora’s ring and a little look at their married couple status. Hopefully we’ll get a little more as they continue to release their projects.


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