After the robot dog Spot, Boston Dynamics presents Stretch


The manufacturer Boston Dynamics unveiled on Monday (29) a new model of robot that will be commercialized – just the second of the company’s long trajectory.

This is the Strech, which is still in the form of a prototype and is an evolution of another robot of the brand, the Handle. Basically, it is a unit of heavy manual work and transportation of loads in the same environment.

Composed of a base and a robotic arm, Stretch is capable of carrying boxes up to 25 kg. The arm has high mobility and a long reach, allowing to reach higher areas and the interior of containers or trucks, for example. The robot’s intelligent systems still allow it to dodge obstacles and work an entire shift from an energy-saving system.

It uses a suction cup system to hold the object, which can be of different types and materials, as long as the surface is straight and smooth.

Boston Dynamics’ goal is to make Stretch a viable alternative for companies of all sizes who want more basic levels of automation without spending so much. Loading or unloading orders should be the main task of the machine.

This is the company’s second robot that will be sold directly to the average consumer – the first is Spot, the robot dog that costs $ 75,000 and has even been employed by SpaceX.


The first Strech units are expected to be built in the second half of 2021, with sales starting only next year. For now, there is no price estimate for the robot.


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