After the records, the direction in Bitcoin worth turned down


After the record peak of the crypto currency Bitcoin last week, there was a serious loss of value in the virtual currency. The value of Bitcoin exceeding the $ 40,000 band is now below $ 35,000.

After the records, the direction in Bitcoin worth turned down

The virtual currency, which exceeded 40 thousand dollars and reached the highest value in its history, is coming to the agenda with a loss of value in recent days. The virtual money, which saw a sharp decline in the first place and saw the levels of 35 thousand dollars in a day, went below the 35 thousand band.

Bitcoin value was $ 33,073 at the time of writing

$ 12,000 loss was seen in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency saw a stronger drop yesterday. Bitcoin, which had previously overturned $ 40,000, lost $ 12,000 in value, and saw $ 30,000. However, the value of virtual money soon reached the 35 thousand dollar band again.

While the graph of the virtual currency is constantly changing, the forecast of the American Investment Bank JP Morgan remains on the agenda. According to JP Morgan, Bitcoin value will exceed 146 thousand dollars. However, due to the declines in crypto money, many questions arise in the minds of many people for this forecast.


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