After the Queen’s death: Prince Harry was informed too late


Sad circumstances! Queen Elizabeth II died almost a month ago ( ✝ 96). She spent her last hours in her favorite place, Balmoral Castle. Prince Harry (38) also tried to make it to Scotland to say goodbye to his grandmother, but he was too late. The Queen’s death certificate indicates the exact time of her death. Now it turns out that Harry was informed of her demise only three hours after the Queen’s death!

According to the official death certificate, the queen died at 15:10. However, according to The Sun, Harry only found out about it the evening before landing in Scotland. Just five minutes later, Buckingham Palace announced the Queen’s death. It is not known why her grandson was not informed earlier. Due to an alleged charter problem, Harry was unable to board a plane to Scotland earlier.

Prince Charles (73) and his sister Princess Anne (72) were with the Queen a few days before his death. After the monarch’s doctors informed the family about the critical state of her health, grandson Prince William (40) went to Scotland with her sons Prince Andrew (62) and Prince Edward (58). They also reached Balmoral Castle only after the Queen’s death due to their longer journey.


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