After the OnlyFans debacle, Denise Richards spoke about her divorce from Charlie Sheen “much worse” than people thought


In recent years, Denise Richards has been busier than ever with her television career: from roles in “The Bold and the Beautiful” to the upcoming financial television drama “Paper Empire” and at least two Lifetime Original films featuring cheerleaders in violent situations. (Not to mention her short but drama-filled series, “The Real Housewives.”) But acting wasn’t involved when the actress attracted a ton of attention earlier this year by joining social site OnlyFans after she and Charlie Sheen’s daughter initially caused a stir with her. own profile on a paid platform. Now, with all that tossing in the past, Richards reflects on the difficult journey through her very public divorce from the former “Two and a Half Men” star.

Appearing on the Divorced Not Dead podcast hosted by Caroline Stanbury, Denise Richards was asked if she was comfortable talking about what destroyed her marriage to Charlie Sheen, and the actress began with the words:

Ugh. Well, a lot of things. [Laughs. Obviously, I don’t regret marrying Charlie at all, because I really believe that he and I were brought together to have our daughters. I feel like it wasn’t a good marriage and relationship. I filed for divorce when I was six months pregnant, which was very difficult. I didn’t realize how public it would be, and how it would affect my career personally. Because I thought it was my personal life, why does it affect my professional life. I think during that time I’ve been on the covers of tabloids for about two years in a row, and it’s been incredibly difficult. I also dealt with my mother, who was very ill and eventually passed away. And I had these two children.

There, Denise Richards made it clear that despite all the difficulties, stress and other unpleasant feelings associated with her breakup with Charlie Sheen, the fact that they created beautiful and loving children together is enough to justify more messy times. Of course, this point of view was probably easier to come to in hindsight, given that Richards was still pregnant with their second daughter Lola Rose at the time she filed for divorce. (Which was later followed by her filing a restraining order against Shin, with his alleged death threats against her as an incentive.)

With all the additional mental difficulties due to pregnancy hormones and a sick mother, Denise Richards would already be in a difficult situation without problems with divorce or even with fairly traditional divorce problems. Unfortunately, her breakup with Charlie Sheen was as complicated as possible, and it was a few years before his controversial departure from “Two and a Half Men” and all the problematic behavior (and accusatory comments) that were before and after. And so, when everything was so open at that moment, Richards talked about how her instinct at that time was to go inside, saying:

It was really so hard for me and I really had to put myself in a soap bubble. Because I think that many women and men face this, and I could go one way or another, up to the point of immersion in a dark space. I have a strong family around me, and I just thought, “You know what? I’m going to block out the noise, and this is actually a lesson for me to learn how to be my true, authentic self, and be myself. things are there and people were saying I was trying to film — Charlie was on Two and a half People, he had a huge series. It was really terrible, and the behind-the-scenes stuff was much worse than what was on the outside.

No matter how ridiculous and excessive the tabloid reports may be, there is often some truth in the allegations, but these stories did not seem to correspond to what actually happened between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen. It is clear that at that moment the actress did not indulge in painful memories, given that she probably spent years trying to share these complex emotions and memories.

In the end, Denise Richards resorted to her instincts, which were supposed to take all the negativity of this situation away from her children and other people. She continued, reflecting on how fans can sympathize with this difficult period in her life, even if the problems of others are not fully comparable to her divorce, which caused rumors. According to her:

In the end, I just needed to protect those who are really close: my family and children. And I think that’s what helped me get through the first part of the divorce. But as the years passed, my relationship with Charlie developed, and there was a time when I had his sons from a previous marriage for more than a year, and he had children from this woman who had problems with some things. You know, I’m a family girl, and I just wanted to keep the peace with the kids. The most difficult thing is, thank God, my children were very young to not be able to read and hear certain things.


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