After The Negative Reaction to Candice’s Comments, Cameron Bure Talks About Faith and Filming Christmas Movies


Candice Cameron Bure faced a serious backlash last week. The actress, who moved from the Hallmark channel to Great American Family earlier this year, spoke about the creative direction that the latter network chose for its content. In the process, Cameron Bure revealed that the channel will focus exclusively on stories that talk about “traditional marriage” and not on LGBTQ+ storylines when it comes to his films. The star has since responded to her comments, and the backlash continues. Now, amid the controversy, Cameron Bure talks about his faith and stars in Christmas movies.

The graduate of “Full House” has been very vocal about her faith for many years, and this partly influenced her decision to join GAF. According to her, she believed that the team “consisted of Christians who love the Lord and want to promote religious programs and good family entertainment.” The 46-year-old Hollywood veteran spoke about her religion during an interview with Fox News, explaining that her faith is synonymous with who she is:

My faith is so much the core and foundation of who I am that sometimes I don’t acknowledge it verbally because it’s just my guess. It’s like, “If you have Candice, you have faith.” It’s the same thing. It’s with me all the time. It’s in everything I do. I am very grateful to God for His protection and love.

This devotion to Christianity was revealed when Candice Cameron Bure explained her comments about the GAF leadership. In her statement, Cameron Bure said that she has “great love and affection for all people” and that “it absolutely breaks my heart that anyone would ever think that I intentionally want to offend and hurt someone.” She also called on the media to “use this opportunity to incite conflict and hatred.” During this time, she was called by former Hallmark star Hilary Burton, and her fellow alumni Holly Robinson Pete and Jonathan Bennett also responded. Jojo Siwa, who had a conflict with Cameron Bure earlier this year, also responded to her comments and received support from Fuller House’s Jodie Sweetin after she did so. GLAAD also condemned the comments, calling them “irresponsible and offensive.”

Despite the current wave of negative reaction and many other things that Candice Cameron Bure has received over the years, she may still be the queen of Christmas movies made for television. Her holiday-oriented work at Hallmark has brought her considerable recognition and may have rejuvenated her career. And, as Cameron Bure herself explained during the same interview, she did not see herself as the main character of Christmas:

I never thought I’d be famous for my Christmas movie career. It wasn’t anything special at the time, and then we turned it into something that was pretty cool.

Her role in such productions is also quite suitable. The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries graduate is personally a big fan of the holiday, as she explained further. She also shed light on why this is the case.:

Since then, it’s like, I’ve been doing one every year. I love it. This is really [my] favorite time of the year. I love everything about Christmas and how it makes people feel. Warm, happy and cheerful… as well as emotional, depending on what happened during the season or the loved ones you lost. It just causes a lot of emotions. Being associated with something so beautiful has been an incredible part of my career.

Candice Cameron Bure has apparently built up a solid fan base thanks to her work on Hallmark, and one would imagine many of them would appreciate her GAF Christmas fare when it comes out. There is also a high probability that resistance may follow in connection with her statements that the network has focused on traditional marriage. Although, based on Cameron Bure’s comments, it can be assumed that she will turn to her faith if further criticism arises.


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