After the “Legacy” finale, fans pay tribute to the “Vampire Diaries” franchise


Warning! Below are spoilers for the finale of “Legacy” titled “Just Don’t Be a Stranger, Okay?” Read at your own risk!

“Legacy” showed its finale, and its completion marked the end of an era. Without immediate guarantees of a sequel or revival, the future is unclear in terms of what awaits the Vampire Diaries franchise. The uncertainty combined with the emotional finale of the CW series has certainly made fans online feel one way or another. Thus, many paid tribute to the franchise and everything they have received from it so far.

Fans of “The Vampire Diaries,” “Primordial” and “Legacy” can still watch all three shows with a Netflix subscription, but that doesn’t mean viewers don’t deserve the right to be a little sentimental. Some took the opportunity to praise the TVD franchise and pay tribute

Thirteen years is a long time for television, and although the Legacy trip was shorter than creator Julie Plec or others would have liked, there are positive aspects to it. For example, not every TV series warns of cancellation, which can mean sudden and meaningless finales. Fortunately, this did not happen with the “Legacy”. While it could have gone on longer, at least it can live on for future viewers along with the other two shows as a complete saga with a compelling ending.

However, some viewers are unhappy with the end of the journey. For every sincere post about enjoying the trip while it lasted, there are fans of “Heritage” who don’t want to let go. It’s not too surprising, and it’s only natural that there were tweets trying to rally the troops for a potential upgrade.

There’s also a camp that recognizes that while it’s the end for now, “Legacy” has indeed created stories that may be revisited sometime in future series, which Julie Plec has already confirmed to EW. The students convinced Alaric to keep Salvatore’s school open, even if he didn’t want to run it. Alaric set off, but left none other than the Saltzman girls’ surrogate mother, Caroline Forbes, in her place to become the new interim principal of the school.

It’s possible that the Vampire Diaries universe will be revived with another series in the future, but until then, fans are already coming up with new roles for the Legacy actors and even from other series. In the end, the end of the DV means that the star of “Hope” Daniel Rose Russell is free to move on to other franchises and maybe even to the MCU

We’ll have to wait and see what ultimately awaits the Vampire Diaries universe and all the actors associated with it. At the moment, it’s great to just hold on to the memories and maybe just enjoy what has already happened.

“Legacy” is officially over, but as mentioned earlier, it’s available on Netflix (opens in a new tab) along with two other series. Now might be a great time to come back and experience it all again, although it might be wise to slow down the pace, given that we don’t know if a new show will ever really come out.