After the latest SNL controversy about stolen sketches, YouTube creator Joel Hayward reacted to the accusations


As part of the fun fall television premiere week, the Saturday Night Live show returned to fans in the 48th season with a premiere that was missing quite a few familiar faces, both those who had previously announced their departure and Cecily, who is currently busy elsewhere. Strong. Although guest host and star of Top Gun: Maverick Miles Teller and musical guest Kendrick Lamar entertained fans, this episode caused a wave of imperfect headlines hanging on claims that the “Teddy Bears” scene directly copied the viral “Toilet Paper Bears”. a video created by online filmmaker Joel Haver. Now the fan-favorite content creator has offered his answer.

Those who watched the opening of the 48th season of SNL witnessed stars Kenan Thompson and others dressed in large and bright blue bear costumes, for a sketch in which Teller’s bear sought to achieve his dancing dream rather than follow in the footsteps of wiping ass set by the family. business. After those familiar with Joel Haver’s work took to social media to share their complaints, Haver shared a video reaction on YouTube and offered a much more understanding approach than many others on the internet, saying:

When it comes to theft charges, I always err on the side of coincidence. I think parallel thinking happens more often than not. So I was waiting to see the sketch for myself that they posted later that night. I saw it. . . . It was quite disturbing. I thought: “Wow!” Usually when things like this come up, I can say, “Oh, it’s the same concept, but they applied it elsewhere.” Or it’s similar, but you could give them some leeway. . But this one, he was a little weird. I thought: “Wow, it’s very similar.”

Part of Haver’s point is that he’s just a smart dude and understands the numbers game when it comes to making comedy videos for online entertainment. Currently, thousands and thousands of people on YouTube, TikTok and beyond create several videos per week (or per day), so the law of averages says that not every video will be the most unique and original piece of genius. Of course, there is a line between accidental similarity and incomprehensibly close similarity.

Joel Haver also agrees with the idea that he is currently at a stage in his video-making career when such an incident, regardless of the validity of the accusations, does not bother him directly as much as it would have been at an earlier moment. before he had such a large number of followers. He says he understands why others who are still on the rise would be more upset that the Emmy-winning NBC series is reportedly copying their work.

Given that we may never get a smoking gun or anything to the contrary, when it comes to the “Adorable Bears” sketch, it’s probably easiest to leave the past in the past, despite the fact that SNL has been accused of stealing sketches many times. for many years, although not always with such specifics. Haver, it seems, has not bothered yet, consoling himself with the fact that he (and many others) believe that his sketch of a “Teddy Bear made of toilet paper” was the best of the two. He continued:

It is inevitable that you will cross paths. It is inevitable that you are going to do something that has already been done. So when it comes to Charmin bears, there are a lot of coincidences that would have to match to make it really a coincidence, but I don’t think it was malicious. Either it was a subconscious borrowing from one of the writers who saw my video, or it was a wild coincidence. Many people liked my video. It has gained over a million views. I’m glad of that. I think the video turned out great. I like my delivery much more. I like how natural, weird and dry it is compared to the SNL feed where they dance, it’s bigger and louder than in real life.

For those who haven’t watched Joel Haver’s video about bears yet, check it out below. Anyone who wants to watch the premiere of SNL can do so with a Peacock subscription, and now the episodes are broadcast live along with a linear airing.

SNL airs Saturdays on NBC at 11:30 p.m. ET and is streamed on Peacock, where past episodes can be reviewed over and over again. Go to our TV premiere schedule to find out which other shows are due to debut in 2022.


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