After the image generated by artificial intelligence, will Tom Holland get Emma Watson as one of the main roles in the upcoming Netflix movie “The Legend of Zelda”?


Imagine Emma Watson from Harry Potter starring in the Netflix movie The Legend of Zelda. The video game series is one of the most beloved by fans. And since adaptations of novels and games often become hits, news about the implementation of this game caused a stir. This is also with a dynamic young cast.

The charming game character of the 90s Mario finally gets due recognition in our time thanks to the movie Super Mario Bros 2023, in which the main role will be played by the actor of “Jurassic Park” Chris Pratt. Nevertheless, Zelda, coming to the screens, will make an ideal competition for the fantasy game of the Japanese creator. In fact, the news came as a pleasant surprise when a photo of British actress Emma Watson in the image of the character Zelda surfaced. But is this poster news or just a rumor?

Is the Netflix Legend of Zelda poster starring Emma Watson real?
The Nintendo-created Legend of Zelda has recently hit the news, showing pictures of Sadie Sink, Tom Holland and Emma Watson in the lead among others. Sink is portrayed as the red-haired, cute character Malone, while Spider—Man star Tom Holland plays Link, and Harry Potter star Emma Watson is the main character, Zelda.

This news made a lot of noise, as it seems to have united these talented people. But unfortunately, the post proved that some things are really too good to be true. The brilliant and realistic poster is actually the creation of fans. It all started with the fact that an account under the name Dan Leveil posted a photo of Holland as Link, and then published a full photo of the entire main cast of Legend of Zelda. So no such real movie is in the making, at least not at the moment. And in fact, this is the work of artificial intelligence and Photoshop, as Dan mentioned in the post.

However, some fans still refuse to believe it and continue to share the poster. At least Nintendo, which is currently making a Mario movie, will have a cast list ready if they really decide to make a Zelda movie. What do you think about casting fans? Is it perfect? Let us know in the comments.


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