After the “House of the Dragon” MCU, fans introduce Henry Cavill to another legendary character, Arthas.


For almost two decades of working in the acting industry, Henry Cavill has proved that he is capable of anything and everything. Whether it’s a superhero in a red cape or a witcher with a heavy sword, nothing can get past the actor’s radar. More precisely, Cavill is an ideal candidate for any role that requires superhuman strength, given his body is worthy of fainting. In addition, it seems that all the major franchises have their eyes on Henry Cavill.

Reports that Henry Cavill is part of the Marvel cinematic universe, the House of Dragons and James Bond, have gained momentum over time, as strong as Geralt’s sword. And in the wake of these speculations, Henry Cavill is being considered for another major role. The creators of Warcraft 2 said that Henry Cavill would be the perfect Arthas.

Why is Henry Cavill the perfect Arthas?

Before you forget about it, thinking it’s just another talented Henry Cavill fan representing him in yet another iconic role, we’d like to stop you. All the rumors about Henry Cavill in the role of Arthas really started with a fan art made by a graphic designer from Istanbul named Mustafa Kemal Sezeroglu. He created a poster of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King with Henry Cavill as Arthas.

The poster seems to have been inspired by Cavill’s ripped structure in The Witcher on Netflix and was eye-popping. He not only excited the imagination of Warcraft and Henry Cavill fans, but also attracted the attention of Kristin Golden, Anna Stickney and, most importantly, Chris Metzen. For those of you who can’t keep up with the geniuses behind the screen, Chris Metzen is the creator of Warcraft. Chris didn’t show much interest in Henry Cavill because of the role of Arthas.

He did not like or comment on the post, but directly tweeted that Henry Cavill would be a dreamy Arthas. And none of the million Warcraft fans had any objections. After the warm reception of the original Warcraft movie in 2016, a sequel was considered impossible. But in 2020, there were reports that Legendary Entertainment gave the green light to the sequel.

If there is a sequel to the Warcraft movie, then it should have Henry Cavill in the role of the Lich King. Given that he already knows how to swing a sword after three seasons of playing for Geralt, there is no better choice for Arthas than Henry Cavill.


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