After The Fall Of WhatsApp, Telegram Hits 1 Billion Downloads On The Play Store


Telegram hit the 1 billion downloads mark from the Play Store in October. The growth of the Russian messenger was driven by an internal error that brought the WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram services to a halt recently. By August, Telegram had already reached the 1 billion downloads mark, considering the sum of the App Store and Play Store numbers.

The Oct. 4 failure would have cost Mark Zuckberger’s company $65 billion in damage, according to Forbes, and caused 70 million people to download Telegram on Android devices in one day. Since then, the messaging app has continued to grow until reaching the new mark.

The number of downloads doesn’t represent the amount of active users, but the Russian messenger’s popularity increased fast in 2021. At the beginning of the year, Telegram reached the mark of 500 million active users after the controversy generated by a new WhatsApp privacy policy , which would be mandatory. The Facebook app went back on being mandatory, but some of the people had already migrated.

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Despite Telegram’s advancement, WhatsApp continues to be the world leader among messaging apps, with 2 billion active users, according to Statista. The second place in the ranking also belongs to Facebook, with 1.3 billion people using Messenger. Chinese WeChat is third, with 1.2 billion active users.

While its numbers are more timid, Telegram gives it more control over individual and group conversations, with a number of features that many rival services lack, including the ability to use it on multiple devices simultaneously.

In addition to competitors’ failures, improvements and the regular release of new features are also reasons for the increase in Telegram downloads in recent years.


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