After The Fall Of C, Telegram Is Also Unstable On Monday


WhatsApp: After a widespread downfall of Facebook group sites (WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram), the Telegram messenger app is also experiencing instability. According to Downdetector, the instability began to be noticed from 12:30 pm and, so far, it has more than 800 complaints on the site.

App users say they are having difficulty sending messages, just like on WhatsApp — which has been down since 12:00. Apparently, however, the downfall of Telegram is not widespread, as some users claim the application is normal.

One of the reasons for the instabilities is the “death” of the rival, which may have generated a massive migration to the airplane app.

The company has not yet commented on the fall, but users have already taken the opportunity to, of course, make memes with the situation.


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