After the diagnosis of emotional burnout: How is Mathias Reim doing now?


How is Matthias Reim (64) doing now? In early September of this year, the pop singer canceled all scheduled concerts. The statement says that in addition to inflammation of the vocal cords, other more serious problems have arisen that require longer treatment. A little later it turned out that the musician suffers from burnout. His son Julian Reim is now talking about the health of his famous father.

Julian has good news for all fans of the popular pop artist: “He’s doing well, given the circumstances,” he said in an interview with MDR format “Meine Schlagerwelt”. Julian now hopes that “in the near future we will be able to go on stage together, in what form and in what way we do not yet know. But it will definitely take place.”

The interpreter of “I love you” also spoke honestly about the illness that accompanies him: Julian suffers from an anxiety disorder. “I couldn’t sleep at night and was dead tired during the day because my heart was constantly beating. This fear really caused physical pain. I couldn’t eat anymore, and it made me weaker and weaker,” he said for a while.


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