After the cancellation of the meeting: worry about Queen Silvia of Sweden


Where is Queen Silvia of Sweden (78 years old)? In recent years, the Swedish monarch has been absent from public appearances one way or another. The Swedish Royal Court always reported on the health status of the Heidelberg native and was quite transparent. And here’s how she’s doing at the moment, she keeps to herself. The Swedes are concerned that now Queen Silvia is missing again!

According to Bunte, a 78-year-old man attended the opening of parliament in Sweden last week. There she was still accompanied by her daughter Princess Victoria (45 years old) and her son Prince Carl Philip (43 years old). In the evening, this event was celebrated with a concert, but Sylvia did not appear again. It is reported that the Queen did not attend further meetings in the following days. According to the court, the reason for this was a severe cold. The Swedes are now very concerned because more details are unknown and say that Sylvia has disappeared from the digital meeting.

Just last year, Sylvia broke several wrist bones in a heavy fall. Despite her pain and a short stay in the hospital, the monarch recovered well enough and quickly returned to work. At the time, she appeared in a video call shortly after the fall.


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