After the cancellation of Batgirl, the directors explained how he unsuccessfully tried to save the footage


The unexpected closing of the HBO Max Batgirl movie in the middle of production shocked everyone, including the cast and crew who shot the Batgirl movie itself. Most of them found out about what happened when the others found out, and apparently it only happened after the film was removed from Warner Bros., as the directors tried to capture part of the film, but it was no longer there.

In a conversation with Skript, directors Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah talked about how they found out that they would not be able to finish the movie “Batgirl”, and about the reaction they received from fans and others when the film was shelved. The directors even admitted that they were trying to save something from Batgirl. They were ready to shoot what they did on their phones, but when they tried, the movie was gone. Fallah, explained…

No, we don’t have anything. Adil called and said to me: “Come on! Shoot everything on your mobile phone!” Logged into the server… Everything is gone.

If fans were hoping that we could get some kind of Deadpool-like footage leak that would show us what Batgirl would be like, it seems unlikely. At least it won’t come from the directors, since the movie was apparently removed from the servers as part of the movie that was given the axe, it looks like this happened before the directors were even informed, probably to prevent them from doing exactly what they were trying to do.

One can, of course, assume that the Batgirl files still exist somewhere, even if the film never sees the light, it is unlikely that it will really be deleted, but where the film exists right now is anyone’s guess.

However, Batgirl is far from in a state where people can watch, even if it’s leaked. Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah explain that they were still in the editing process when everything was stopped. The digital effects were far from complete. In addition, the film will require reshoots that have not yet been made. They admit that it will take time and money to complete the film, similar to how it was done with Snyder’s version of “Justice League.” Although, it seems, there were certain shots that the directors wanted to keep, but, according to El Arbi, they were very upset that they were not filmed…

We were [like], “Damn it!” We didn’t save all the Batman scenes in it.

There is one still image that was released before Batgirl was shown the door, which included a look at Michael Keaton returning as Batman, but it seems that this frame may be the only image we’ve ever seen, as the directors were unable to save anything. still. We still expect to see Keaton return in The Flash. Although the long-delayed Flash video has its own potential problems.


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