After Sylvester Stallone hid his wife’s tattoo, she filed for divorce, and the charges are already flying


After decades of working in the entertainment industry, Sylvester Stallone remains one of the busiest Hollywood stars and constantly informs his fans about his work. But at the moment, the actor is apparently engaged in a much more personal matter. The reports indicate that Jennifer Flavin, Stallone’s wife with 25 years of experience, filed for divorce, and also made several accusations against the star. And this report, in particular, appeared immediately after the news that Stallone had recently hidden a tattoo on his wife’s face.

According to TMZ sources, Jennifer Flavin filed for divorce in Florida last Friday. Flavin also accused Sylvester Stallone of moving assets from their family funds. In particular, court documents suggested that Stallone hid certain assets, which led to an “unequal distribution” between the two spouses. Flavin’s legal team also argues that her husband should “prohibit the sale, transfer, assignment, encumbrance or embezzlement of any assets during the consideration of the case.”

Against the background of the divorce process, the future ex-wife of the Oscar winner, apparently, is asking for exclusive ownership of real estate in their residence in Palm Beach. They also say that she wants to restore her surname. Michelle Bega, a representative of the Rocky icon, released a brief statement about the current situation:

I love my family. We resolve these personal issues peacefully and confidentially.

Sylvester Stallone, who is preparing for the release of his superhero movie Samaritan later this week, has attracted considerable attention after paparazzi noticed a tattoo change. Although he originally had his wife’s face on his right hand, he recently changed it to an image of his late dog and colleague Rocky, Butkus. (Stallone recently bought a new puppy, which he boasted about on social media.) It should be clarified, however, that it is unclear whether the tattoo was ultimately the cause of the breakup.

Based on the statement of his representative, it can be assumed that Sylvester Stallone and his wife will work to get this situation. Time will tell how the actor and his wife will be able to settle the relationship during the divorce process.

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