After Suga’s mini concert his “pajamas” steals the show


Suga, the idol of BTS, decided to play the guitar and delight ARMY without imagining that his “pajamas” would steal attention.

As we previously reported on Somagnews, BTS idol Suga recently spent time with ARMY via live broadcast on V Live, however what Min Yoongi didn’t expect is that his “pajamas” would steal the entire show.

Suga held a V Live session on October 21 with the title “It’s been a long time.” Min Yoongi began the broadcast by talking about changing his new hairstyle and leaving it slightly curly.

Likewise, Suga revealed to the fans that he only wanted to start broadcasting because it had been a long time since he had done it and how was it to be expected ARMY immediately reacted to the video.

Suga’s “pajamas”

Surprisingly for Suga, his clothes attracted a lot of attention, because through social networks they immediately began to congratulate him on his style, ensuring that his suit suited him very well.

Before these comments Suga joked, stating “I’m not going to a wedding or anything. It’s just pajamas. “Of course he was joking because his clothes didn’t really look like pajamas, but more like a smart, casual suit, further sparking the wave of comments from ARMY.

When the number of viewers reached one million, Suga brought out a guitar to show off his skills. He told fans: “Today I will practice my guitar.” When fans asked for the song “Dynamite”, Suga kindly played the song for them and then said, “There are so many high notes, so it’s hard to play.”

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When fans started asking for more songs, Suga continued to communicate with them saying, “This is not a ‘request for any song’. I’m just trying to play.” Suga added that he wasn’t good enough to play all the songs and joked, “If I could, I’d be a genius.”

Why did Suga learn to play the guitar?

Suga also talked about his reasons for starting to learn to play the guitar. He said that he liked the songs of the late Kim Kwang Suk and therefore decided to learn to play it. The 1993-born idol and music producer also shared that he had thought about learning to play the guitar even before promoting “Dynamite” because he had no particular hobby.

Min Yoongi apologized to fans and said, “I started learning to play guitar not long ago, so even though you sent me the requested song, I couldn’t play it yet. I wanted to play it all for you, but I couldn’t, so I’m sorry. “. He added, “I want to play guitar well. So if someone is majoring in guitar, please tell me how to play guitar well.”


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