After Solving an Explosive Situation, Chicago Firefighters Posed a Completely New Problem to Fire Department 51.


There are spoilers ahead for the winter premiere of the 11th season of the TV series “Chicago Fire” called “Something For The Pain”.

“Chicago Fire” debuted in 2023 with an episode that was supposed to solve the explosive cliffhanger of last year’s fall finale, as a result of which the fates of Kidd, Carver and Detective Prima were threatened, and Severide watched in horror. As promised by the co-showrunner, “Something For The Pain” continued from where the last episode ended. The danger to life and death was eliminated early on, and by the end of the hour Violet had made a move that created a whole new problem for Firehouse 51.

Let’s start with the good news that came out of the scary cliffhanger!

How Chicago Fire solved the cliffhanger

The good news is that Kidd, Carver and Prima survived the explosion and were alive and well after a couple of weeks of recovery. Kidd needed surgery after being hit by a shrapnel and needed painkillers, thanks to which the series got its name, again on the set of Chicago Med, where the suffering Severid stayed by her side during the recovery process. By the time the end credits rolled, Prime still hadn’t gotten up and attacked them, but his mood was pretty upbeat and he was going to get a medal for all the lives he saved. As Prima noted, he saved them with a heroic act of accidentally hitting a rocket, but without him the disaster would have been much worse.

This does not mean that all three were able to get rid of the emotional consequences of the explosion! Carver was on edge and began to doubt himself as soon as Kidd returned to work; Kidd herself suffered from nightmares, although she hid well enough from everyone except Severide. As for Prima, he receives an early retirement from CPD. It’s safe to say that Kidd will at least cope with the injury in the future, but by the end of “Something For The Pain”, Prima and Carver seemed to be fine.

How Violet Created a New Problem for Firehouse 51

Unfortunately, Violet has made a move that ensures that Emma will become a problem again. Blinded by a thirst for revenge after she found out that her former partner, a sociopathic paramedic, got a job in the CFD internal affairs department, Violet complained to Emma’s boss, who was ready to listen to Violet, but could not do anything without proof that Emma tried. to blackmail Chief Hawkins, whose death was one of the most unexpected on television in 2022. Emma somehow found out that Violet had reported her, and now Violet isn’t the only one thinking about revenge.

Although Emma did not explicitly threaten Violet, she said she thought they were “equals” after she exonerated Carver in the bridge incident (which involved serious stunt work by Taylor Kinney), and then added: “But now…” it is implied that Violet has become Emma’s target again. By itself, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she will try to destroy all 51 in order to get to Violet, but Brett indicated to her partner that 51 would support her if Emma tried to do something. If something goes wrong, there may be some collateral damage besides Violet!

For now, fans can at least stop worrying about Kidd and/or Carver getting permanently injured in an explosion. Of course, shortly after Violet decided she was free and got rid of her enemy in season 10, Emma has something new to worry about, but it’s definitely a juicy storyline for the second half of season 11. Connect with NBC on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET for new episodes of Chicago Fire following Chicago Med, who worked hard, with one doctor in particular, at 8 p.m. and ahead of the Chicago Police at 22:00 To find out about other viewing options in the coming weeks, check out our schedule of TV premieres for 2023!


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