After separation: Kate Merlan appears for the first time without an engagement ring


Kate Merlan‘s marriage (35) collapsed. The candidate for the reality show really found a man for life in the person of Jakub Jarecki (27 years old). The couple even passed a strength test in Temptation Island V.I.P. and then got married. But during the marriage there were always signs of crises. On Wednesday, the couple announced their separation. Now, for the first time, Kate has addressed her subscribers without an engagement ring.

“As you can imagine, I feel bad,” Kate wrote on Instagram. It was clearly visible that the former participant of the “Reality Star” had dropped her wedding ring. In tears, an influential woman told how bad the last few months had been for her. “The situation has just worsened. It’s so bad now that we can’t say a normal sentence to each other. Everything has changed so much in the last few months,” she cried.

Kate really considered Jakub her man for life, with whom she wanted to grow old. “I got married out of conviction, I said that this is my man for life,” said the 35—year-old woman. “I was so disappointed, I just can’t take it anymore,” Kate couldn’t believe her marriage broke up after just a few months.



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