After Ryan Gosling hilariously talked about his daughter’s experience at the Louvre, Ben Affleck and Jay Lo tried it with their own children


There are several iconic places in the world that most of us would like to visit if we had that much time and money in the world. The Louvre Museum in France is certainly one of these places. Of course, when you’re a celebrity, such trips are easier to make, which explains why famous couples Ryan Gosling and his Ken-loving partner Eva Mendes, as well as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently visited the iconic place separately with their children. although, apparently, with very different results.

It looks like newlyweds Affleck and Lopez had a great time with their kids, checking out all the great art. Ryan Gosling, however, was very upset about the trip from one of his children.

Ryan Gosling’s daughter is not impressed by the Louvre

Some of the most iconic pieces of art ever created can be found in the Louvre, but while it may have impressed many people, it apparently didn’t impress Ryan Gosling’s daughter. The actor, whose latest hit is Netflix’s “Grey Man,” recently appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and told the story of what his daughter went through. Needless to say, she wasn’t particularly impressed. Gosling explained…

We had to work in France, so we went to the Louvre. And we saw the Winged Victory, we saw the Venus of Milo. And we’re standing in front of Mona Lisa, she turns around and says, “Is this a museum?” [thumbs down]. I said: “Why?” And she answered: “Because it’s not good.”

Ryan Gosling says that his youngest daughter, who is about six years old, had such a reaction, which, at least in part, explains why she can have such a sharp reaction. It is not necessary to expect that such a small child will really appreciate the museum. Nevertheless, to give such a reaction, literally standing in front of the most famous painting in the history of the world, is absolutely cruel.

Ben Affleck and J.Lo Seem to Be Having a Better Time with Their Kids

Ryan Gosling wasn’t the only celebrity who recently brought the family to the Louvre. People report that newlyweds Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez also made a stop with their children in tow as part of a recent vacation in Paris. The family enjoyed a private tour that lasted about two and a half hours.

It is not specified which children were with Lopez and Affleck. Lopez has two children from her marriage to singer Marc Anthony, and Affleck has three children from his marriage to actress Jennifer Garner. Perhaps they were all celebrating their parents’ wedding. The youngest of them is 10 years old, and he is probably old enough to appreciate the Louvre, at least more than six-year-old Ryan Gosling.


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