After Rumors About The Marriage Status of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Are Off The Scale, The Actress Made a Reservation


Eva Mendes and her fellow movie star Ryan Gosling are one of those famous couples who have been together for so long that you could swear they were married. This would be an erroneous assumption, since the two have never publicly stated that they ever tied the knot to become husband and wife. However, in a recent interview with Australian television, it seems that Mendes may have inadvertently answered this question once and for all.

As it turned out, on the Australian Channel 9 Today Show (via TMZ), the former Fast Saga star called Ryan Gosling her husband. There was reportedly no hesitation or deviation from what Eva Mendes said, and that’s what convinced people that they were already married without a hitch. After years of speculation, sometimes fueled by Eva herself, fans may get the answer they’ve been waiting for.

What makes this scenario even more interesting is how Mendes has played up this issue in the past. The report cited for this story called this possibility into question, as Eva Mendes answered previous questions about a potential marriage with her own question. The question was, how could the world really know that they were not a married couple yet?

It is possible that past rumors between the couple may be confirmed, since, according to rumors, the stars of “A Place under the Pines” have already tied the knot in 2016. There was no doubt about one thing, it was an affair in Eva Mendes’ relationship with Ryan Gosling.

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie helped keep that going, as Mendes and her alleged husband allegedly played the role thanks to his new role as Ken. There was even a special request related to the wardrobe department of the film, when Eva Mendes asked if Gosling could keep his underwear with Ken’s logo.

At the moment, no one really knows if Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are married, except for potential witnesses and officials. Although at the moment it seems that the specific answer does not matter, since the couple feels in a happy and healthy family situation. However, you can be sure that there will be those who will continue to ask this question, and regardless of whether she is telling the truth or not, Mendes and Gosling will still be able to have fun avoiding the question with the press.

Ryan Gosling is currently filming a remake of The Fall Guy, resulting in him and his family currently residing in Australia. His next film to pay attention to is “Barbie,” which will be released in theaters on July 21, 2023; but now you can see Gosling in “The Gray Man.” This action/adventure thriller is currently streaming for those of you who have a Netflix subscription.


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