After RHOBH’s co-star Garcelle Beauvais called her “uneducated,” “Diana Jenkins clapped her hands


As part of the 12th season of the TV series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, a newcomer appears: Diane Jenkins. What we’ve mostly learned about her so far in the series is that she’s obscenely rich and friends with many famous faces, including Sir Elton John. She can also immerse herself in drama with the best of them. This apparently applies to the off-season as well, due to the recent hype when her RHOBH co-star Garcel Beauvais called her “uneducated” during an interview. Now Jenkins was applauding her own sharply worded response.

Why did Garcel Beauvais make a questionable comment about Diana Jenkins in the first place

First, however, we have to go back to the fact that a few weeks ago Diane Jenkins got into a heated exchange with a black fan on Instagram, according to page six. Obviously, the person in question jokingly hinted that Jenkins must have had plastic surgery from a young age, to which the latter was clearly offended. The fan basically told her to have the same fighting “energy” with everyone, and “not just with the creators of black content.” Consequently, the freshman reality TV star reacted by saying, “It can’t be good to be a black content creator.”

Viewers were torn between confusion and outrage over the remark, prompting the star to delete it soon after. The 48-year-old also apologized to the original fan, saying she thought “creator of black content” meant “toxic content.” She further explained that her misunderstanding of the subtext was due to the fact that she was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and not in the USA.

Nevertheless, Garcelle Beauvais, a member of the cast of RHOBH, who has been behind for several years, openly spoke about her thoughts about tactlessness while watching “Watch what happens live.” Andy Cohen mentioned the negative fan reaction that Diane Jenkins caught, and Beauvais simply remarked, “She’s uneducated.”

Diana Jenkins reacted sharply to Garcel Bove’s diss

Suffice it to say that calling Diane Jenkins uneducated did not work out in her book. Apparently, she believes that Garcel Beauvais should have shown his best qualities at WWHL, for example, her charity work. In another deleted post on her Instagram (via the sixth page), the mother of three children said:

Dear Garcel, the next time you’re on national television, why don’t you tell the audience how many times I’ve been to Haiti. Your home country. Why don’t you tell them how many planes with first aid items and medicines I have sent to Haiti. Why don’t you tell the audience how many millions of dollars I gave to your country. This was done by a woman from Bosnia. Also you could mention all the money I [sic] gave and everything I have done for women’s rights [sic] in Congo and other 100% black communities. You are well acquainted with all the work I have done to protect human rights around the world.

Fans allegedly flooded the comments to the post with criticism that it was “tasteless” to mention her money and praise in this matter. It was considered better to leave it with apologies for the initial confusion. But that’s not really the way of real housewives, is it…

There are a lot of real housewives of Beverly Hills who are continuing the feud right now

In truth, Garcelle Beauvais and Diane Jenkins are just part of Bravo’s long tradition of internal disagreements. The two were already at odds in season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, mainly due to Bove defending her friend/fellow cast member Sutton Strack, whom Erica Jane also called out this year). However, Beauvais also has to feud more intensely with Jane, who has been juggling several serious court battles lately. Their dislike for each other began during the filming of a reality show, which led to massive unsubscriptions on social networks, which have now turned into problems in the off-season. (And that includes a trash can and some junk.)

Again, this is the way of real housewives — either you’re in the drama or you’re out of it. At the moment, Garcelle Beauvais has not publicly responded to the Diana Jenkins shade, but fans can tune in to upcoming episodes to see how their on-screen feud developed after the last party. “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airs Wednesdays on Bravo and the next day on Peacock Premium Channel.