After reporting on Batgirl and secret screenings, one of the actors begs Warner Bros. do not destroy the footage


At Warner Bros. one shock after another, when the new head of the studio makes one radical change in the company, and then another comes. The biggest change was the decision not to release a movie about Batgirl, despite the fact that a lot of time, effort and money was spent on it. Now, amid reports that what’s left of the film may actually be destroyed, one of the actors has written an open letter to CEO David Zaslav asking him not to allow it.

Yesterday it was reported that the “funeral” screenings of “Batgirl” were held at the WB site, where a select few were given a chance to see Batgirl, or at least what there is about her, since we know that the film was not completed. . It was also stated that the film could be destroyed in order to secure the tax benefits that WB sought by shutting down production. Ivory Aquino, who played with Leslie Grace in “Batgirl”, posted an open letter on Twitter asking not to allow this…

Dear Mr. Zaslav, I have just read an article by @THR about the alleged “funeral screenings” of #Batgirl and the possibility of the subsequent destruction of the footage.. if this is the case, as one of the many who poured our hearts into the creation of this film, I ask you to reconsider this measure. As much as I’ve tried my best to be strong in the last few weeks, I’ve found myself crying, for lack of a better term, out of grief, and today was one of those nights.

Closing production of Batgirl, Warner Bros. Discovery has the ability to write off taxes, essentially calling the film a bad investment. However, receiving tax breaks means that the studio is not allowed to profit from the film. Thus, it was reported that the film may actually be destroyed to prove to the IRS that the studio does not plan to ever release the film.

Ivory Aquino submits an 11-hour call to prevent such an execution. She believes that there are several universal themes in the movie “Batgirl”, this is a story about a father-daughter relationship that the audience will be able to understand and appreciate, and she hoped that the film would resonate with fans, and is heartbroken that he will not have such a chance. She continues…

Despite the fact that “Batgirl” is called a film about awakening, it just happened that way because the script reflects the world in which we live. For me, more than anything, this is the story of a father and daughter, who is very close to my father. It was a year ago, shortly before I commissioned this project, and I hoped that it would resonate with other children around the world, adults and not so much, who appreciate their fathers and who could consider Batgirl as a story. this special connection.

Since money is at the heart of the decisions around Batgirl, Aquino even appeals to Zaslav from a financial point of view, she claims that completing and releasing the film now will actually be cheaper, since all the news related to Batgirl’s demise will de facto act as marketing for the film. And if WBD changes course, it will also be big news. Of course, she is not mistaken when she says…

If Batgirl didn’t have a marketing budget a month ago, I would venture to say that the turns of events over the past few weeks have taken care of this. We were lucky to have such wonderful supporters from the very beginning, from Glasgow, where we filmed, and from all over the world. Now more people are learning about our favorite business and want to watch the movie. I really hope that you will read this letter. Think about freeing Batgirl. She has always been an outsider, and she has nowhere to go but up.

Unfortunately, ever seeing a released Batgirl now seems like an incredibly distant chance. According to the directors, the film is still far from being completed, and the reshoots and most of the digital effects have yet to be completed. At the same time, this situation has revealed a lot of people who clearly want to watch this film, and this has significantly increased the credibility of the film. It is reported that the decision to close the film even made one WB executive almost quit. Perhaps the protest is big enough to make it a worthwhile investment.


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