After Prince Harry’s memoir, Meghan Markle will join the winning side and create her own story


Books by members of the royal family, whether they are palace books or books by royal authors, have always aroused the curiosity of readers all over the world. In the past, in many such books, biographers have told gospel truths about unknown infamous stories of the Palace. In light of such controversies, the current big news is Prince Harry’s fallback. And, of course, Meghan Markle never spares.

Amid the huge noise and protests around the long-awaited memoirs, rumors are circulating that a second book is being prepared. However, this time it’s not Harry or any royal author, but his wife, Meghan Markle herself.

There are rumors that after Prince Harry, Meghan Markle will release her own book after Spare.

Hindustan Times reports claimed that the Duchess may release her own memoirs after her husband’s memoirs, the book of which is due to be released on January 10 next year. According to the article, Markle may appear right after that. However, neither the royal executive editors nor Markle herself have confirmed anything.

Speaking about the content of the book, it is said that it will contain full interviews from her podcast. There were many examples of archetypes that were selected before the public broadcast. The book, however, will not miss a single part as such. In fact, it could just emphasize those specific passages that she could not openly voice in her podcast episodes.

The above was brought to the attention of the distinguished royal commentator Neil Shawn. He further mentioned, “She’s going to translate her podcast into a potential book.” He believes that, apparently, the podcast does not give her enough time to properly express her opinion. Therefore, following in the footsteps of her husband, she resorted to bringing all this to the public through a book.

There are rumors that this could be a three-book contract that Markle signed with their most beloved publisher Penguin Random House. The publisher is also a legitimate distributor of Prince Harry’s Spare. The controversy surrounding it is at an all-time high level. It even forced King Charles to decide whether he wanted the prince to be removed from the coronation or not.

What do you think? Will Markle publish his own memoirs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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