After Passing The Bar Exam, Kim Kardashian Meets Single Prisoners on The Way to Reform


Kim Kardashian famously said in her SNL parody that she is a mother, a millionaire, a law student and a billionaire, but she forgot to mention that she is also a prison reform activist. The reality TV star, especially in the last few years, has not only created a multimillion-dollar brand, but has also become a multimillion-dollar brand herself. In addition to the fact that Kim Kardashian has become a successful businesswoman, she has raised the bar for raising children. When she’s not in her office coming up with ideas for blockbusters or spending time with her kids, Kim Kardashian attracts attention with her outfits.

The trait that follows her in all these three areas of life is her determination. The owner of SKIMS made headlines when she announced that she was studying to become a lawyer. Although there was nothing new in her interest in prison reform, many were shocked to see how much it meant to the reality TV star. The “Kardashian Family” star actively fought to restore justice to many prisoners who, according to her, were unjustly imprisoned, the most famous of whom were Cintoya Brown and Matthew Charles. Once again, the reality TV star proved her dedication by meeting with prisoners in solitary confinement.

Kim Kardashian meets with prisoners in solitary confinement

The “Kardashian Family” star passed the bar exams in 2021 after three unsuccessful attempts and planned to take the California bar exam, known as one of the most difficult exams, in 2022. the star, of course, did not stop her attempts at prison reform.

The mother of four visited Pelican Bay State Prison in the Crescent, an insider told TMZ. Kardashian asked how solitary confinement affects their mental health. She was followed by Tobey Maguire and Scott Budnick, both famous names in the film industry.

While Kim Kardashian’s visit to the prison center can be attributed to her dedication, the presence of the film crew and producer of “Bachelor Party” Scott Budnik is not. And all this points to a chilling documentary about the prison system. Earlier it was reported that the reality TV star, along with his team, released seventeen prisoners in ninety days, CNN reports.

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