After “No”, can Jordan Peele star in the sequel “Away”? Here’s what the Oscar winner says


When Nope hits theaters this weekend, it will be the third feature film directed by Jordan Peele. Although all three films are classified as horror and touch on broad social themes, nothing else connects the plots of the three films together, since each of them represents an original concept of Peel, concerning very different characters, in very different places and very different types. horror movie. All the films are so original that the idea of seeing Jordan Peele shoot a sequel seems to be the opposite of his style, but the director does not discount the possibility of creating a sequel to his first full-length film “Away”.

The film “Away” was Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, he conquered the audience and critics, eventually brought Peele the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. While the success that Peele saw here often makes studios immediately think about a sequel, the director went on to work on a chilling film about the doppelganger “We”, and then he started working on “No”, a film that implies an alien invasion, but as it is a Jordan Peele film, we don’t we can take it at face value.

There has been little indication that Jordan Peele is considering a sequel to any of his films, but in a recent interview with the Associated Press, Peele said he is often asked about a potential sequel to “Away” and he really thinks there is potential for such a film in that world, so although he doesn’t say that he plans to make a sequel, he does not discount any. According to Peel…

I am often asked about this. Never say never. It remains, of course, something to talk about. We’ll see.

It certainly doesn’t look like Jordan Peele is actively working on a sequel to “Away,” but if he thinks there’s something to talk about with the premise, then one can assume that he at least has some ideas about where the sequel might go., even if he I have never put these ideas on paper. This isn’t the first time Peel has said he’s ready to make a sequel to “Away,” and it’s obvious his feelings haven’t changed.

Later in an interview, Jordan Peele says that it’s hard for him to imagine what kind of work he would do if he didn’t make films like the ones he made, which certainly indicates that his trend towards socially oriented horror films won’t end at No. . The only questions will be where he wants to go next, and whether Daniel Kaluuya will be involved. He may have another new idea that he wants to implement, but if not, maybe he will think about creating a sequel.

From a plot point of view, there is certainly an opportunity to get more out of the Get Out story. The fate of Allison Williams Rose remains unknown, so there may be at least one member of the Armitage family. But beyond that, the family that captured Chris Danial Kaluuya is certainly not the only threat, as they have been doing their job for a very long time. There are more people who have become victims.

In fact, both Get Out and Us end up with very interesting questions about what will happen next. There’s a good chance we’ll see something similar from Nope, and maybe after viewers see the new movie, fans will ask about it when it comes to potential sequels.