After Natalie Portman’s new streaming series faced the threat of violence that led to her arrest, the production company provided an update


Several high-profile series have faced production delays in recent months due to dangerous incidents occurring on and around film sets. Natalie Portman’s upcoming Apple TV+ original drama “Lady in the Lake” has become the latest show to face such setbacks after everything was stopped due to a disgruntled street vendor who allegedly threatened members of the crew with a gun. Fortunately, the potentially violent encounter ended without tragedy, and the suspect was later arrested. Now the production company Endeavor Content has provided updated information about the situation.

After the feverish ordeal that took place in Baltimore, Maryland, where the film “Lady in the Lake” is being filmed, a representative of Endeavour Content made the following statement to CNN:

The safety of our team, the actors and everyone working on our productions is our highest priority, and we are grateful that no one was injured. Production will resume with increased security measures.

It’s nice to hear that not only did all the actors and crew get through this unscathed, but also that more attention will be paid to ensuring the safety of the set when everyone returns to filming to continue filming. Even if this Lady of the Lake crime wasn’t as deadly as the murder that happened next to the “Law and Order: Organized Crime” set, or as devastating as the car shootings that crashed into the “Justified: Primeval City” set, it wouldn’t have taken so much to get things done quickly it became more severe.

While it’s not entirely clear how many people were in the direct line of danger, 43-year-old local resident Keith L. Brown is said to have pointed a gun at several members of the Lady of the Lake crew, according to Baltimore police. It is reported that Brown insisted on being paid $50,000 so that filming could continue uninterrupted, but the extortion attempt apparently failed.

Brown was arrested on Monday, August 29, on drug-related charges, and told police at the time that on Friday, August 26, he had spoken with a crew member and a security chief about documents “to get compensation for lost business.” Detectives came to the conclusion that Brown could not run his clothing business in the usual place while “Lady in the Lake” was being filmed, and the threats of waving a weapon served as his reaction to lost profits.

Based on the novel by Laura Lippman (opens in new tab), “Lady in the Lake” takes place in the 1960s, when Maddie Schwartz (Natalie Portman) is invested in a number of dark secrets of Baltimore residents after helping the police solve a murder. She gets a job at a local newspaper, which puts her in the epicenter of another deadly crime that changes her life.

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