After months of no news on Pirates of the Caribbean 6, Jerry Bruckheimer Offers an update


The wind was not favorable for fans hoping that Disney had achieved great success in “Pirates of the Caribbean 6”. Months have passed, and there has been no news about the upcoming film or its progress, and some may think that once a series of blockbusters will never leave the world. stagnation of development. However, now there is a reason to return to a positive mood for the sequel, as producer Jerry Bruckheimer has offered a promising update.

Not everyone has forgotten about Pirates of the Caribbean 6, as Bruckheimer said that the sails are still open and catching a very specific wind. That’s where Jerry Bruckheimer is currently putting the Pirates 6 development:

I’m really excited, it’s going to be amazing. We’re just working on a script. One of the first authors, Ted Elliott, helps write it. He has a great command of the characters.

Keeping one of the two famous writers who helped make Pirates of the Caribbean a cinematic blockbuster is obviously a smooth move when you’re trying to bring back the magic. Ted Elliott, absent only in the latest installment of the series, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” 2017, was a vital component in creating the foundation through which the name of Captain Jack Sparrow performed by Johnny Depp became a household name. Although it was previously announced that Elliot is participating in Pirates 6, the rumor that he is still on the team seems like a good sign.

Obviously, things will be a little different in the next Pirates movie, since Depp and his character won’t be returning. Despite fan petitions collecting signatures, the actor and his representatives deny that Captain Jack Sparrow will return in the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean. This makes Ted Elliott’s presence even more interesting, especially after Jerry Bruckheimer praised his “command of the characters.”

This may be a hint of exactly how “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” plans to continue this nearly 20-year legacy. Although there have been rumors in the past of competing reboots with Karen Gillan and Margot Robbie, there is a chance that one of these characters will be assigned to the role of a functional leader in an already ongoing story.

If true, viewers may see a brand new pirate helping to close this rather unfairly unfulfilled sequel teaser from the end of “Dead Men Tell No Tales.” Completing a story that has been hanging in the air for about five years now would be a great way to close the still-open threads while simultaneously pushing the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in a new direction.

It’s all up in the air, but at least Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed that the wheels are turning and Ted Elliott’s skills are still needed for the future. At the moment, if you’re looking for an adventure on the high seas of Pirates of the Caribbean, you can stream all existing movies as a Disney+ subscriber.


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