After Microsoft, Twitter is after TikTok


There are still new developments regarding the sale of the Chinese social media platform TikTok. Some time ago, it was reported that Microsoft was in the process of purchasing TikTok. This process was later verified by Microsoft. Now, it has begun to be stated that there are talks between Twitter and TikTok and Microsoft is not the only American company to buy TikTok.

Talks are taking place between Twitter and TikTok

According to the claims made by WSJ, Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, competes with Microsoft on TikTok. Until now, the fact that only Microsoft was on the agenda regarding the purchase of TikTok has attracted attention.

Now, it is stated that Microsoft is not the only name, and that there is an important negotiation process between Twitter and TikTok. Unfortunately, it is not known yet what kind of a process is on the agenda. For example, there is still no information about how much payment TikTok is intended to be purchased from the Chinese ByteDance company.

However, it is still not clear whether all the rights of TikTok will be purchased or only the works in the United States of America will be purchased. As far as it is understood, many different American companies are also trying to be involved in the acquisition of TikTok, such as the negotiations between Twitter and TikTok, although it has not been mentioned yet.

More detailed information will continue to be on the agenda in the coming days. It seems that the discussions about which American firm will buy TikTok yet will not end.

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