After Megxit: Do Harry and Meghan regret their decision?


Duchess Meghan (39) and Prince Harry (36) announced in early January 2020 that they would like to resign from their obligations as main members of the English royal family.

They not only surprised their followers, but also caused outrage among their family members. Since then, there has been a tense atmosphere between the couple and the rest of the royal relatives. But how do Harry and Meghan judge their decision, a year later?

A Royal biographer told People : “Despite everything that has happened this year, you have no regrets about moving to the United States.” It has always been their dream to be financially independent and they have made this possible for themselves. “They’re happy to be able to focus on projects and causes that are close to their hearts,” the source said. According to the historian Robert Lacey (77), the 36-year-old was tired of being only a “replacement” and no longer wanted to “subordinate” to his older brother Prince William (38).

Another reason for the Sussexes’ resignation is suspected, among other things, that Meghan could not cope with the enormous impact on her privacy. On the TV show The Royal Beat , the former press spokesman for the Queen (94), Dickie Arbite, recently commented critically: “I find it amazing that two people who have resigned because they felt restricted by the press are in have literally fed the press with information over the past twelve months . “


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