After Machine Gun Kelly shared the story of how he almost shot himself, he shared bloody photos of breaking a glass of champagne


Ever since Machine Gun Kelly made a name for himself on the punk rock scene, he’s been showing some pretty abnormal behavior. He was never afraid to admit to the unpleasant moments he went through, for example, when he told about how he almost shot himself while talking on the phone with his fiancee Megan Fox. But soon after, MGK shares his bloody photos after smashing a glass of champagne in his face.

Most recently, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox wove their pink hair in honor of his Hulu documentary “Life in Pink.” Before that, this musician had a party after his sold-out show on June 28 at Madison Square Garden. However, he shared on Instagram several graphic photos of how he looked after smashing a glass of champagne on his face during the show. The Texas native had a bloody wound above his right eyebrow with blood all over his face and clothes.

In a video published by US Magazine, the “Emo Girl” singer said, “I don’t care, bro. I don’t care,” before smashing a glass of champagne on his face. He’s still singing his song “My Ex’s Best Friend,” as if everything is fine, and the crowd is suffocating. Then the crowd continues to sing along to MGK, as well as shoot it on video on their phones. Here’s the shocking video below:

Although some might call it “rock star behavior,” I see it as a cry for help. There have been many times when MGK is no stranger to blood. Suffering from depression after his father’s death, he tried to shoot himself in the mouth when he was on the phone with Megan Fox, only because the shell got stuck. There was also a time when he was playing with a knife, trying to impress his sweetheart, only to hit himself on the arm trying to catch it. Not to mention the fact that he wears fake earrings with blood and performs a ritual with the Transformers star, drinking each other’s blood.

What’s most disturbing about the Machine Gun Kelly video, aside from the obvious bloodshed, is that viewers treat it as normal behavior. However, the comments on MGK’s Instagram photo show that many fans are hoping that this famous rock star will recover. Fortunately, Kelly was being treated for drug abuse problems. With his history of self-harm tactics that has been fully demonstrated, this is not something that should continue to be ignored. Let’s hope that Machine Gun Kelly will get the help he needs so that he can continue to please his fans and loved ones.