After losing the TV show, Wendy Williams Reportedly Has a Whole New Plan for Her Career


Wendy Williams is officially off TV… for now. After 13 years on the air, her eponymous talk show ended without her presence in the final episode. Williams has been absent from the show since last fall due to a flurry of reports about her health and financial situation. Now that the show is over, her timeslot will be taken over by Sherry Shepherd, who replaced the OG series (along with many other guest presenters). There has been a lot of speculation about what Williams will do next, and now it seems that she has developed a new plan for her career.

Don’t worry, Wendy Williams will still be chatting, throwing shade and pouring tea. She just won’t do it on TV. It is reported that the media personality is going to enter the world of podcasting. Her manager Will Selby shared the details with TMZ, saying that Williams is currently not interested in a permanent job on television. Selby will presumably be the executive producer of the podcast, which Williams mainly hopes to use to highlight his favorite celebrities from the music industry.

And it looks like the host has already taken steps to pick up the best talents for the podcast. According to TMZ, Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe are among the stars contacted by the former main character of the talk show. Kardashian and an unnamed Trump family member have also received invitations to appear. Judging by this composition, it becomes clear that she wants to arrange some juicy convoys.

It seems like the perfect platform for a public figure like Wendy Williams. Currently, the market is a bit saturated, as a number of celebrities have launched podcasts over the past few years. However, Williams’ unique voice and dedicated fan base make her in a prime position to succeed. Add a few quality guests and you’ll get entertainment gold.

However, the career growth is somewhat surprising, given what has been reported over the past few months. It has been repeatedly assumed that the presenter is interested in returning to television. In March, she said she would be ready to return to her small-screen performance “in about three months.” Shortly afterwards, a source said she was “ready to work” and in “good shape” after reporting medical and financial problems. With all that said, it is quite possible that the star simply changed her mind about the next steps in her professional life after brainstorming and advice from her business partners.

Despite this new development, I still will not give up the idea of Wendy Williams returning to television. She’s still a widely popular pundit, and if she ever changes her mind in the future and finds another talk show, the studio might knock on her door.

But whatever happens to her career, it’s just nice to hear that Wendy Williams is recovering from a seemingly turbulent period in her life. The start date of the podcast has not yet been announced, although it is probably safe to say that when the first episode is released, her devoted fans will listen to the first “How are you?”