After Lacey Chabert teased her Hawaii movie, the title and plot were revealed


Lacey Chabert has been one of the biggest supporters of Hallmark’s romantic films with a happy ending for quite some time, so fans were thrilled when Chabert signed an exclusive contract to executive produce and star in content for the chain’s brand back in February, among many of her Hallmark associates, such as Danica McKellar, switched sides GAC Family. Chabert is clearly very excited about what she came up with for Hallmark, and teased her work on set in Hawaii. However, now we finally know that the film is called “Groundswell” and what it will be about.

What is Lacey Chabert’s upcoming Hawaii movie about?

According to Deadline, Lacey Chabert was filming in Hawaii among all these gorgeous sets for the production of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Groundswell. The film tells the story of Emma, a chef from Atlanta, who goes to Hawaii after big professional and personal failures have put her in a dead end. While in a beautiful place to regroup, Emma meets “reclusive surfing instructor” Ben (Hector Rivera from Hallmark’s Sugar Plum Twist), whose lessons eventually help her do much more than surf. Oh, and did I mention that Ben is hot? Because you know he’s hot.

The film is based on the debut novel by chef Kathie Lee Biegel and is due to debut at Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on August 21.

Well, one place where you’re sure to see a lot of great scenery if you’re missing out on the opportunity to travel is the Hallmark Summer movie, and it looks like Groundswell Chabert is really going to give you a treat. Chabert has already shown off some amazing shots while working in Hawaii, so we can probably all look forward to romance, which will inspire in several ways.

Dozens of Hallmark films will appear over the rest of the year, and it seems that Groundswell will be another fantastic addition to the lineup. Fortunately, Chabert is not the only network star who decided to stay. Talents such as the leading lady of My Christmas Family Tree, Aimee Teagarden, and other actors such as Ryan Pavey, Taylor Cole and Holly Robinson-Pete have signed new contracts with Hallmark.

Chabert recently spoke about one of the reasons why she enjoys making films for Hallmark so much, and noted that she finds this work “useful” because fans always tell her how films help them get through difficult times. Chabert was even able to finally realize her Hallmark dream and work together with other network stars Alison Sweeney and Autumn Reeser in the first of its kind Hallmark film trilogy “The Wedding Veil”, where actresses (who play a trio of old friends) starred in each film to find love.

Thankfully, we’re looking forward to seeing all of Lacey Chabert’s enthusiasm for Hallmark novels when Groundswell premieres on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on August 21.