After Kylie Jenner was criticized for using a private jet, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker starred in an ad, just like the rest of us


Kylie Jenner has been hearing this from fans over the past few weeks after she posted an Instagram post asking if she should fly on her private jet or on a plane owned by her longtime boyfriend Travis Scott. What was probably meant as a combination of a lighthearted joke and a post for bragging was not liked at all and led to people digging into her flying habits and frying her on Twitter. However, her sister Kourtney Kardashian is getting the opposite reaction on social media. She was recently spotted with her new husband Travis Barker in a commercial with children.

According to TMZ, they reportedly flew from Los Angeles to Spokane, Washington, along with Courtney’s daughter Penelope and niece North West on Alaska Airlines. They were probably flying to spend some time at their nearby Idaho home, and of course it didn’t take long for other people on the flight to start taking photos and posting them on social media. This is obviously the downside of being a celebrity and flying in advertising, but as many have pointed out over the past few weeks, the plus is that it’s much better for the environment (and also easier for the wallet).

Most of the attention on celebrity private jets has been directed at Kylie Jenner because of her Instagram post, but a recent report on the use of planes from the Yard, which was very widely circulated, actually pointed to two other people in the Kardashian orbit as more serious criminals: Kim Kardashian and Travis Scott. They took seventh and tenth places in the list, respectively. Obviously, as mentioned in her viral social media post, Jenner was probably also involved in some of these Travis Scott flights.

However, the great outrage on social media seems to have been focused not so much on the number of flights made, but on the lack of distance for some of them. It is reported that she made several flights over very short distances, including one that was less than thirty miles from her home. Now there is even a popular Twitter account with more than a hundred thousand followers that monitors the use of a private jet by a handful of celebrities who allegedly regularly fly this way. Here is an example of one joke that has gained more than three hundred thousand likes…

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As for Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, they seem to be having a great time on vacation. She posted photos of life on the lake on her Instagram, and it was an absolutely amazing time. Look at this fun on the water…

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There is no word on how Courtney, Travis and company enjoyed flying a commercial airline. I guess they found it mildly annoying, but in the end it didn’t really matter. This is how almost everyone treats air travel. Obviously, it’s less fun than luxury, but if it helps the environment and saves tens of thousands of dollars, it’s not such a bad option.


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