After Kevin Costner, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, Taylor Sheridan From Yellowstone Blocked Another Star From The List of The Best For a New Drama


More and more it seems that this is Taylor Sheridan’s universe, and we just live in it. After five seasons of the popular Paramount drama “Yellowstone,” the actor-turned-writer is simply churning out content for the network, including three spin-offs of the Dutton family saga. At the same time, Sheridan managed to block the list of actors from the list of the best, who are likely to be on the wish lists of many showrunners. After Sheridan picked Kevin Costner for the main series and then picked Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren for the prequel “1923,” he’s adding another name to this impressive list as Nicole Kidman has signed up for his newest drama, “Lioness.”

Oscar winner Nicole Kidman has joined Taylor Sheridan’s upcoming Paramount+ drama “Lioness” in the role of senior CIA director Caitlin Mead, THR reports. She will play alongside Laisla De Oliveira and Zoe Saldanha. She will also be an executive producer along with Sheridan, Saldanha and several others.

It is reported that the “Lioness” is based on a real CIA program, whose task is to destroy a terrorist organization from the inside. Nicole Kidman’s character is described as having a long career in politics. For TCH:

She must combine the attributes of a woman’s role in a high-ranking intelligence community, a wife hungry for attention that she herself cannot give, and a mentor for someone who is suspiciously approaching the same rocky road that she herself found herself on.

The Hours star is just the latest name added to Taylor Sheridan’s list of impressive talents—a list that seems to be expanding as fast as his Yellowstone universe. Oscar winner Kevin Costner began, of course, with the role of Patriarch John Dutton in Yellowstone. However, we are gradually learning more about the higher branches of the Dutton family tree, as Sheridan introduced Oscar nominee Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton and Oscar winner Dame Helen Mirren as his wife Kara Dutton as part of the 1923 cast.

All these names, and we still haven’t talked about 1883, which features real husband and wife Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as James and Margaret Dutton, as well as Oscar nominee Sam Elliott and a cameo role. from two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks. Perhaps Taylor Sheridan is applying for the Oscar by proxy, because it’s just an incredible level of movie stars that he was able to sign for roles in his diverse Paramount series. Let’s also not forget that the graduate of “Sons of Anarchy” Sylvester Stallone (two-time Oscar nominee for Best Actor) leads the cast of Tulsa King in the first major role of a graduate of “Rocky” on television.

In addition to “Yellowstone,” the fifth season of which will resume this summer (right, after a nearly six-month hiatus), Taylor Sheridan is working on a spin-off “1923,” which premiered in December and is available for streaming on a Paramount+ subscription. He is also working on the film 6666, in which Yellowstone actors Jefferson White and Ryan Bingham will play Jimmy and Walker working at the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas. In conclusion, Sheridan has “1883: The Story of Bass Reeves”, which will be the second season of the limited prequel series “1883” with David Oyelowo (Selma) – another outstanding acting achievement — in the title role.

While we are waiting for new news about Nicole Kidman’s “Lioness” and other Taylor Sheridan projects, check out our TV program for 2023 to find out which premieres will soon appear on television and in streaming.


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