After joining The Real Housewives, Will Smith’s ex talked about her own reaction to being slapped in the face on Oscar night


Months have passed since the Academy Awards in 2022, but this event is still being talked about thanks to the already infamous incident involving Will Smith and Chris Rock. The internet exploded when the King Richard actor came on stage and slapped the comic, especially since it was just before he won an Oscar for his work on this film. After joining The Real Housewives, Will Smith’s ex-girlfriend Cherie Zampino talks about her reaction to the “Slap in the Face on Oscar Night.”

Shari Zampino is the housewives’ “friend” on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after appearing as a guest for the previous two years. Zampino is also known for her former marriage to Will Smith and co-parenting with him and Jada Pinkett. She was recently asked by Us Weekly about her reaction to the infamous slap at the Oscars, where she said:

It was one of those moments when I froze. The first thing you do is try to figure it out in [the moment]. And when it doesn’t make sense at the moment… we didn’t even really have time. I didn’t even do it.

Many people probably had this moment of fading when they saw Will Smith slap Chris Rock on national television. Those who were in the hall at that time expressed the same opinion as those of us who were just watching at home. Shari Zampino might have known Smith personally, but that didn’t make him any less shocking.

Sheri Zampino’s comments in Us Weekly help to lift the veil over what it was like to watch “Slap in the Face” for those who were really close to the situation. Will Smith’s attacks on Chris Rock caused a shock in pop culture, and the recent Oscar winner only recently went public with Jada Pinkett-Smith for the first time since March. And it is still unknown whether he and Rock will ever be able to reconcile.

Although Will Smith recently posted a lengthy video on social media apologizing to Chris Rock and his family for the Oscar incident, it seems that the two are not really interpersonally connected. But Cheri Zampino believes their reunion could offer something powerful for the public zeitgeist, as she shared:

When will Chris and Will be able to come together, publicly heal and forgive each other? Do you know how many people this will help and free? So I see this as an opportunity.

She has a point of view. Considering how beloved both Will Smith and Chris Rock were before the Oscar slap incident, this will surely encourage people to see how they will come to an agreement sometime in the future. But it’s unclear if that will ever happen. We just need to see if the “opportunity” that Shari Zampino talked about will ever come true.

Professionally, Chris Rock was busy touring with his stand-up performance, which sometimes mentions the slap incident at the Oscars. As for Will Smith, he has a number of projects in the background, some of which have been suspended due to The Slap. He also resigned from the film academy, and was banned from participating in the ceremony for ten years.

Cherie Zampino is starring in the series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” this season on the Bravo channel, and Will Smith’s next film “Emancipation” is due to appear in theaters sometime in 2023.


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