After Joe Mantegna shared his first look at the “Think Like a Criminal” set, he talks about returning to BAU


Despite the fact that the CBS crime drama “Think Like a Criminal” ended just two years ago, talk of a revival of “Think like a Criminal” began in early 2021, just a year after the end of the series. After whether or not they will rollercoaster, the revival of “Think Like a Criminal” has been in the previous months, Paramount+ recently officially announced a revival, and now star Joe Mantegna talks about what it was like to return to work at BAU (and share photos to upload).

Joe Mantegna, who played David Rossi in the franchise for a long time, told WGN Radio about his career and the upcoming and long-awaited revival of “Thinking like a Criminal.” This topic arose after host Bob Sirott mentioned watching the marathon at Sundance, and Mantegna expressed his excitement about returning to work with friends and colleagues on the film:

We’re back to the solution. We just started last Tuesday, we’re back, we’ll be on Paramount+. We have just started the 16th season after a two-year hiatus. We’re all proud to be back. It’s a good band, a great band. I’m glad to be back and we’re looking forward to the new episodes. Our fan base is so great all over the world, and I think that’s what helped us come back.

It’s definitely nice to hear that the actors are back to work, and so far everything is going smoothly. While not everyone will return for the revival of “Thinking Like a Criminal,” season 16 will certainly be something to look forward to, as C-Minds has remained popular on streaming since it ended on CBS. (It’s also encouraging that the show is finally being filmed, given that for a while it seemed like the revival of “Thinking Like a Criminal” had stalled.)

Joe Mantegna also took to Twitter to share with fans that he was back on set as a beloved profiler.

Work Work work.

The photo came just days after co-star Paget Brewster shared photos of herself in preparation for the revival, showcasing a new image of Emily Prentiss. Despite the photos, not too much information has been revealed about the reboot, although fans should expect that “Thinking Like a Criminal” is a little different from the CBS series.

The characters will follow a single case throughout the season, not every episode or multiple episodes. Since not everyone is returning, especially Matthew Gray Gabler and Daniel Henney, there is definitely an emptiness in the bullpen. But there should be plenty more to look forward to.

In fact, it should be interesting to see how much the revival matches the original series and where the characters will be in their lives after the finale of the series “Think like a Criminal” in 2020. Since filming has just begun, it may take some time before we get a premiere date, but in the meantime, all 15 original seasons are being broadcast on Paramount+ by subscription! Check out the best shows to stream on Paramount+ when you’re done to keep yourself busy.


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