After Jennifer Lopez finally married Ben Affleck, Hustlers co-star Keke Palmer explains why she’s so happy for her


The recent surprise wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck marks another milestone in the turbulent revival of the couple’s previously infamous romance. Congratulations are pouring in from everywhere, and the couple’s fans are happy to see how love is winning, and it’s hard not to rejoice at this momentous event. Even Lopez’s film partners are in good news, as fellow Hustlers cast member Keke Palmer took the time to explain why she herself found joy in this news.

During the carpet broadcast of the premiere of the new film “No”, Palmer shared her thoughts about Jennifer Lopez and her big day. In a conversation with ET about this , Keke Palmer expressed the following feelings:

I’m so happy for her. J.Lo, no one deserves to be happy anymore. I think she works very hard. She dedicated her life to the industry. She is a woman in power. It’s not easy for us. So I’m just happy for her.

The recent birthday girl is certainly busy, as Lopez has just announced a “butt balm” that she will release to the market. In addition, her acting career is still in full swing: Jennifer Lopez’s action comedy “Shotgun Wedding” will be released on Prime Video in the near future. All this, as well as the announced second ceremony with Ben Affleck, make up the calendar, which is the definition of the word “vanity”.

Keke Palmer is also not slowing down, as “Nup” is currently storming the box office. The actress also made a splash on the advertising front and recently dismantled attempts to compare her career with Zendaya’s. People with similar energy tend to recognize each other in this regard, so it’s only natural that Palmer recognizes the strength and happiness in Jennifer Lopez’s life.

The marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seems to be almost the end of a romantic comedy with some serious twists. When these two start living together, there will undoubtedly be a lot of press attention and curiosity from the public. As long as there are well-wishers like Keke Palmer who encourage them and wish them only the best, it will be easier for them to walk down the road to the future.

Keke Palmer fans will be very pleased with the offers that are currently on the table. She can be seen and heard in theaters thanks to her respective roles in the roles of Nope and Lightyear. If that’s not enough, you can review her performance with Jennifer Lopez and the rest of the Hustlers team, thanks to the fact that this movie is currently available for viewing by Hulu subscribers.


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