After Halle Berry made fun of her characters constantly saving children, fans got a funny look at the iconic on-screen hairstyles


There was a long-standing joke among Halle Berry’s fans. The actress seems to choose a lot of projects in which saving children is a major part of the storyline, and fans have noticed this over the years. From “The Loss of Isaiah” (1995) to “The Call” (2013) and “Abduction” (2017), the actress has starred in many films on a similar topic during her career. Finally, the actress herself found the right way to laugh at herself, but in the end it gave rise to a completely different joke on Twitter.

Halle Berry took to her Twitter account this week to basically create a meme along with a video of Usher’s performance at NPR’s Tiny Desk.

Yes, she did it. From what seemed to come out of nowhere, the actress tweeted: “I know she’s not going to save another child in this movie…” along with a clip of Usher dancing and saying, “Watch this.” This is a cute way for Halle Berry to talk about the fact that she starred in many films of the same type, as well as to show her humor on social networks. Oddly enough, Berry’s post prompted several fans to start commenting on her movie hairstyles in response.

Halle Berry has had a lot of hairstyles over the years in movies, but apparently it’s “bob” that indicates some things are “going to fall off.”

Halle Berry has previously openly said that cutting all her hair initially caused negative comments from her manager. When she cut her hair short for Living Dolls, she was told she would “never work again.” “Live Dolls” was her first performance in 1989, and just two years later she played her breakthrough role in “Jungle Fever” alongside Wesley Snipes, Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson, and since then she has been working non-stop.

Over the years, the actress has had many iconic hairstyles, the most favorite of which was probably her silver Storm hair, which she is completely ready to return to if, by the way, Marvel wants her! It looks like fans have caught on to her roles with the beans signaling the start of the baby rescue. Hey, even the first X-Men were mostly about a team of mutants trying to save Rogue, who was a kid at the beginning of the franchise.

Most recently, Halle Berry starred (and starred) in her first movie, Bruised, in which she played an MMA fighter seeking redemption. The actress has several upcoming films that she is looking forward to, including a film called The Mothership, which will be released on Netflix sometime this year.