After Gerda-Flirting: “Love Island” – Chris hugs Neuer.


Chris Jebens is finally in love again. In April, fans of the beauties of Love Island suspected that he and Gerda Lewis (29) could achieve more. They even vacationed together in Italy. In addition, a photo appeared in which they passionately kiss. However, the influencers never confirmed their affair. But now Chris apparently has a new flame, which he also publicly supports.

Now the hunk has shared a picture with his supposed new girlfriend on his Instagram account. While the beauty was sitting on his lap, he lovingly hugged her. Both are holding the other’s face in their hands, and their lips are almost touching. “I didn’t know what love was until I met you,” the influencer wrote.

Under the picture there are numerous comments with congratulations. Among other things, the beauty of “Love Island” Sandrine Vivien commented on the cute picture: “Good luck to both of you.” Mark Bruns from this year’s “Love Island” season also did not miss and wished the couple good luck.


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