After Fortnite, PUBG Mobile also gave a date


As far as it emerged this morning, Fortnite announced that it would hold an anti-Apple tournament. After this announcement, a new event news came from PUBG Mobile. The successive event news from mobile gaming giants is enough to excite gamers. PUBG Mobile will hold a live broadcast event on August 24.

PUBG Mobile live streaming event

PUBG Mobile announced that on August 24, 2020, the day after the Fortnite tournament, it will organize a huge live broadcast event called New Era.

While the content of the live broadcast remains unclear for now, there are some expectations. The statement in question was made through the Twitter account and made the gamers quite curious, what will happen in the live broadcast event?

The popular Battle Royale game seems to make many new announcements with this event. Looking at the expectations, it is expected that a new map will be announced, tips for the new season and many more information will be announced in this live broadcast event.

While the new Erangel 2.0 map is expected to be introduced in the live broadcast, at the same time, innovations such as the renewed user interface of the game or Ultra HD graphics support may appear.

The live broadcast will be broadcast on PUBG Mobile’s official accounts on both YouTube and Facebook accounts on August 24.

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