After every bitcoin fall, this altcoin is on the rise


Cryptocurrency analyst Josh Rager said investors should always look out for a medium-sized altcoin in terms of market cap every time Bitcoin falls.

Rager said that Chainlink has proven itself historically after the BTC correction and has become a “altcoin to buy”:

“It never happened. After every bit of Bitcoin withdrawal, LINK has grown wildly. If you are going to buy an altcoin after the fall of BTC, LINK would be the smartest choice ”

As you may remember, LINK had a bull run after Sunday’s 10 percent drop in minutes. Starting from the price of $ 7.47, LINK erased all the losses it caused in a short time and increased to $ 8.68 in 24 hours.

Rager thinks this rise is not over and the march will go to an all-time high after a quick correction:

“Right now when I look at the 4-hour time frame on the chart, I see above $ 8.70. After the closings on this, I think that not only $ 9 (* LINK is over $ 9 when the news is published), but the price of $ 10 will be seen. ”

The successful trader said that despite the tough sales on Sunday, Bitcoin gave strong signals:

“The good news is that Bitcoin broke $ 10,500. This price is the region that has kept us down since early 2019 or September. BTC jumped over this place and showed us that it has a strong support. ”

Rager, who also thinks positively about Ethereum ($ 390 in the minutes of the news), which fell from $ 400 to 325, made the following comment:

“In Ethereum, buyers fired the wick again and raised the price. This situation looks good on the Bitcoin chart as well. That Ethereum continues to be purchased in this way means that the wick continues to fire over $ 400. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens ”

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