After deaths during filming, Netflix suspends production and an investigation is underway


The safety of movies and televisions has been a hot topic for several years, largely due to the terrible tragedies on set. While the investigation into the Rust shooting is still ongoing, there has been another terrible accident related to the Netflix series “The Chosen One”. And after several deaths occurred in the midst of filming, Netflix suspends production and an investigation is underway.

The public was shocked just a few days ago when it was revealed that two actors were killed and others injured in a van accident related to the Netflix series “The Chosen One.” The series was in the midst of filming season 3 when a tragedy occurred near Mulege on the Baja California Southern Peninsula. According to Deadline, production has been halted and an investigation is underway into how this accident occurred.

Redrum, the company responsible for the shooting, decided to temporarily suspend filming after the incident that occurred on Thursday, June 16. It is reported that the actors were heading to the airport when it happened, as a result of which two people were killed and even more were injured. The identities of the victims have not yet been established.

Although Netflix has not released a statement about the accident related to the “Chosen One”, industry unions are involved in the case. SAG-AFTRA has released a response stating that they are involved in protecting the cast of the series. He reads,

SAG-AFTRA has contacted Netflix and the Mexican Actors Union ANDA regarding this incident and we are investigating the circumstances with the local production. Safety on set is always our top priority. We will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our participants and others at their workplace.

Public information about this tragedy is currently extremely limited, but this should change as the investigation continues. Given the severity of the crash, more and more people are likely to pay attention to the spread of the news. Two actors are currently believed to have died and six other actors/crew members are also injured. Although, as reported, these people are stable.

The Chosen One is a Netflix series about a 12—year-old boy who finds out that he is actually the reincarnated Jesus Christ. The first two seasons consisted of 12 episodes, and the third is expected to further concretize the story, which is told mainly in Spanish. It is currently unclear if and when production can continue.

Although technically this car accident happened, this is the latest example of how the actors and crew were in danger because they just wanted to do their job. Obviously, the most striking example that comes to mind is the tragedy on the set of Rust, as a result of which the cameraman Galina Hutchins died. Other recent accidents have occurred in Deadpool 2 and Dylan O’Brien’s injury in the Maze Runner franchise.