After “Deadpool 3” Ryan Reynolds Will Make Another Action Movie


Ryan Reynolds is in business, shooting sequels to his already successful films. Over the past few years, the actor has shown us several outstanding performances, rising in the rating of the industry and becoming an actor of the first magnitude. And he knows what the masses like, as evidenced by the fan following his “Deadpool” franchise.

After the success of the first two parts, the third should be released on the big screen in 2024, and the fourth part will be announced by Marvel. Over the years, the star has changed her image from light roles to a serious contender for the role. And looking at his current series, we are ready to see how he will bring back the classic spy thriller with a sequel starring another legendary actor.

The sequel to this action-packed film with Ryan Reynolds will be released soon

Ryan Reynolds has proven that you can use constructive criticism to improve on previous films. His 2012 action movie “Safe House” didn’t become the biggest hit. But fans of the star can have high hopes for the sequel, shot a decade after the original. The film starred a powerful duo, including him and the “Equalizer” actor Denzel Washington, although the latter’s participation in the sequel has not yet been confirmed.

Ryan was cast as the inexperienced but passionate CIA agent Matt Weston in the spy movie, where Denzel plays the role of rogue spy Tobin Frost. The film revolves around the dynamics between the two as they battle unknown enemies to survive. The film had an average rating at the box office, but the actors were appreciated for their roles.

Whether Denzel or someone else will join the film remains to be seen. Despite this, Ryan does a good job with an on-screen partner. That’s probably why he also had Hugh Jackman on board as Wolverine for Deadpool 3. He’s probably got his hands full with “Sanctuary,” “Deadpool,” as well as his movie “Soulful” with Will Ferrell, and all this time he’s been running his football team from Wrexham.


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