After criticism of the Bachelor Dominic: Vivian gets a headwind!


Fans of Dominic Stuckmann (30 years old) probably didn’t want to hear what Vivian Bosveld said! In an interview with Promiflash, the former bachelor candidate said last week that the former rose knight actually wanted to see her off because she already has a child, but shortly before that she voluntarily left the format anyway. Apparently, Dominic’s fans didn’t like this story: numerous social media users attacked Vivian precisely because of this story!

After a break of several days, the mother of her son reported this on Instagram and explained that her account was temporarily blocked. The reason? “Several hundred people have complained about me,” Vivian said. Dominic’s fans were probably behind it: “I was really shocked that the community was trying to silence me and shut me up so I couldn’t say anything more…”mom, I can’t say anything, even if it’s true.”

Unfortunately, there is nothing unusual for Vivian in the so-called “mom’s shame”. However, she doesn’t want to put up with hate. Finally, she made an announcement: “How do you say that? Sorry, it’s 2022! What I said is a fact. I’m here again… and no one will get me out of here either.”


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