After conviction: Harry Styles’ stalker in court again


Difficult times lie behind Harry Styles (26) ! Almost two years ago, the former One Direction member offered his help to the homeless Pablo Tarazaga-Orero and even bought him a night in a hotel.

There upon the young Spaniard pursued the singer without a permanent residence and even attacked him during an evening run. As a result, a London court ruled in October 2019 that Pablo should not approach Harry more than 250 meters and not contact him. Now the stalker is on trial again!

Because Pablo, according to the “Watermelon Sugar” interpreter, violated the requirements of the relevant authorities shortly before Christmas, Harry reported him again, Mail Online reported last Tuesday. Although he was forbidden with the 2019 court ruling, the 27-year-old tried again to contact Harry via social media . On Boxing Day, the accused, who protested his innocence, was interrogated about it, according to the online edition of the Daily Mail. On January 18, Pablo , who was released on bail, had to go again subject to a hearing to check whether he really violated the injunction, the British newspaper reported.

Harry himself has not yet commented on the incident in public. A British Public Prosecutor said: “I spoke to Mr Styles and he firmly believes that the defendant needs help. He does not want to see him again.”


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